These resources supplement the information on our main page that addresses the use of megestrol acetate (MA) as a short-term contraceptive option for cats during the pandemic.

If you haven't yet, please read our statement on the Short-term Use of Megestrol Acetate to Prevent Estrus in Cats first.

"Use of low dose megestrol acetate to postpone estrus in cats while surgery is at a halt during the Covid crisis is a simple risk/benefit calculation. While people have concerns about side effects associated with high doses, it is important to remember that if we do nothing and allow community cats to reproduce, then we allow for thousands of kittens to be born, 50 to 70% of which will simply die in the wild. This is a choice."
- Dr. Michael Greenberg, DVM

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Thank you Elsevier and Sage Publishing for granting public access to these articles during the COVID-19 crisis.


Recorded on April 10, 2020, speakers and expert guests presented practical information about the use of megestrol acetate (MA) as a short-term option for some female cats during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information or to access to the webinar recording on demand, click here.

Speakers & Expert Guests

  • Joyce Briggs, MS (ACC&D)
  • Michael Greenberg, DVM (Maddie's Fund)
  • Julie Levy, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DABVP  (Shelter Medicine Education, Univ. of Florida)
  • Michelle Kutzler, DVM, PhD, DACT (Oregon State Univ.)
  • Linda Rhodes, VMD, PhD (Consultant)

CE Credit

This webinar has been approved for 1 hour of CAWA CE credit.  Instructions on how to obtain your certificate of attendance can be found on Maddie's Fund's registration page.   

Webinar Materials

More Resources

Using or Prescribing MA

Practical Resources

  • Tips and Tracking Form for Monitoring Doses & Side Effects - PDF | Word  - Designed to help caregivers keep track of when doses are given as well as any changes in the cat’s behavior or physical condition.
  • MA Survey Worksheet - Word - ACC&D will be releasing a survey to collect information from those who have used or prescribed MA. This information will be used to further understand the benefits and risks associated with MA use. This survey worksheet is designed to provide an idea of what information will be requested in the survey, and it can be used as a reference aid when completing the survey to save time.

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